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Dreams Collide

Dreams Collide is a novel about twins separated at birth that share a bond through their dreams. It follows them as they reconnect and learn about who they are and why they share this bond.

The excerpts here are the introductions to the personal dream quarters and worlds beginning to collide and how the two protagonists, Karjj and Lyla react.

The two dream worlds are starkly differnt, Karjj’s taking the form of a modernized Edwardian town, flushed with little cottages and grassy squares and fountains. While Lyla’s world is wild and free, a fantasy forest filled to the brim with iridescent plants and animals.

"Waking up"

Karjj comes to seated in their dream studio’s wing chair, the space is conspicuously free of a bed. Some how there is a full steaming claw foot tub, with a hand shower attached to the brass faucet and a yellow sunglasses wearing rubber duck floating about. Karjj gets up and pondering to themselves whether or not they should indulge themselves.
“You know what today was annoying I think a soak would be nice, especially since here the water can’t get cold,” they chuckled, and disrobed before hopping into the bath. “Why hello there Dave, anything new happen while I was gone?” they nodded to the duck as they got in and relaxed, it simply bobbed in the warm water. A few moments passed and a loud knock came from the door.
Karjj lulled their head back and let out a soft groan mumbling under their breath, “C’mon I just wanna stay here and relax, hasn’t today been weird enough some strange lady literally stared at me the entire time I was eating dinner, and then her daughter tried to be nice. C’mon I just wanna stay in.” They pretend to not be home, hoping that it would work. Sadly, it didn’t and another loud knock comes from the door. Karjj remained silent in the tub. A few moments more, and this time a loud banging begins.
A few voices piped up, “Karjj we know you’re in their.”
Karjj groans and got out, “I’m coming give me a second.” After they exited the tub, they walked over to a clothes rack and water dripping from them. “I guess it’ll just be the usual,” they thought to themselves. Instantly, they are dried and dressed in their usual dream attire. Hair taking on a burnt brass color instead of its normal jet black and slicked back and under control, dreams are the only place their hair seems to behave. Their eyes uncharacteristically dark green. Their skin a sun-kissed tan just as in the waking world thanks to summer only recently ending. A loose white button up shirt, with the top few buttons undone, is hanging to them underneath a more form fitting tailed vest and tucked into ankle length dark burgundy fitted slacks. The whole ensemble completed by a pair of tan wingtip boots. They march to the door to see what problems they have to deal with this time. Opening the door, they are greeted by a few of the townspeople, all dressed in late Edwardian fashion and looking concerned holding a strange glowing plant.

Despite it clearly being nighttime, the world is brightly lit by the flora and fauna of the forest and the gleaming stars above. Lyla is walking through a wild row of trees, whispering to the plants that seem dim causing their light to grow bright again as if she were turning on a lamp inside each plant. Lyla is in most respects naked, covered only by the curly mass that is her knee length
hair. From within her curls right in the center of her chest, slivers of a warm golden light spill out. She pauses at a clump flowers that was almost entirely dark, reaching out her dark tan hand freckles dotting her upper arm, the same warm light of her chest illuminated these spots. As she touched the dark flowers a vein of light flows from a finger into the flower. As the light entered the plant, the plant shredded its old petals and new buds shining as bright as a star took their place and open, pouring a cool silvery light into the forest. Lyla got up and continued on her way, waving as she passes a few flower covered creatures that had stopped to watch her revive the dying flowers. As she walked towards the next clump of dim flowers, she is stopped by a small flitting fairy, carrying a clump of flowers, roots and all.
“Hello, what do you have there?” she said as she reached out her hand for the flowers. “Wakey, wakey, little flowers,” she said to the clump, but nothing happens despite the forest around her growing a bit brighter. She then sends a vein of light out to the flowers but again nothing happens. “Huh,” she sighs. “Where did you find these?” she asks as she turned back to the fairy who brought her the flowers. The fairy chirped in response and began to fly away followed quickly by a sprinting Lyla.

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