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Madds Trivitayakhun

Concept Development


Madeline "Madds" Trivitayakhun is a programmer turned artist, and writer. She went to SCAD for the chance to learn from those who have succeeded and are still succeeding in the animation and art industry and to collaborate with other driven artists to make truly spectacular works. Madds uses her experience as a programmer to be methodical in her artwork. Organizing and planning out her projects and then executing them as efficiently as she can. This methodical approach has come in handy when she manages and leads other students.


Madds is a concept developer. She focuses heavily on fleshing out characters and worlds and streamlining and plusing story construction. She thrives collaborating with others to iron out character motivations and personality, pushing stories to their fullest. This collaborative attitude mixed with her methodical inclination synergize well making her and others work efficiently.

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